Police 10 - ___ Codes

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Police 10 - ___ Codes

Post by Jerry_Miller on Fri Apr 01, 2016 9:33 pm

10-0 Use Caution
10-1 Unable Copy - Change Location Signal Weak Police Officer Needs Help Poor Radio Reception
10-2 Signal Good Signal Good Assist Officer Good Radio Reception
10-3 Stop Transmitting Stop Transmitting Clear the Air-Emergency Stop Transmission
10-4 Acknowledgment (OK) Affirmative (OK) O.K., Acknowledgment Message Received
10-5 Relay Relay To/From See a Complainant Relay Message
10-6 Busy-Unless Urgent Busy Investigation Police or Fire Change Radio Channel
10-7 Out of Service Out of Service (a) Out of Service - Off the Air
(b) Out of Service - Subject to Call Out of Service
10-8 In Service In Service In Service In Service
10-9 Repeat Say Again Arrived at Scene Repeat Message
10-10 Fight In Progress Negative Traffic Detail Off Duty
10-11 Dog Case ___ On Duty (Employee Number) Broken Glass Visitors Can Hear Radio
10-12 Stand By (Stop) Stand By (Stop) Vandalism Advise Weather/Road Conditions
10-13 Weather-Road Report Weather Conditions (a) Leaking Water Main or Sewer
(b) Hole in the Street / Sidewalk
10-14 Prowler Report Message/Information Convoy or Escort
10-15 Civil Disturbance Message Delivered Have Prisoner in Custody Have Prisoner in Custody
10-16 Domestic Problem Reply to Message Pick Up Prisoner Pick Up
10-17 Meet Complainant Enroute Administrative Assistance Getting Fuel
10-18 Quickly Urgent Detail
10-19 Return to _____ (In) Contact Return to Station Return or Go to ___
10-20 Location Location What is Your Location Location
10-21 Call ( ) by Phone Call ( ) by Phone Call ___ by Telephone Telephone
10-22 Disregard Disregard Investigate a Break In Cancel or Disregard
10-23 Arrived at Scene Arrived at Scene Breaking In (In Progress) Stand By
10-24 Assignment Completed Assignment Completed Someone in the Building
10-25 Report in Person (Meet) Report to (Meet) Prowler Do You Have Contact With ___?
10-26 Detaining Subject, Expedite Estimated Arrival Time (ETA) Larceny Clear of Warrants
10-27 (Drivers) License Information License/Permit Information Rape Report Subject Wanted
10-28 Vehicle Registration Information Vehicle Information Check Full Registration, License, Motor, Name, Stolen Registration Check
10-29 Check for Wanted Records Check Person with a Gun Check for Warrants
10-30 Unnecessary Use of Radio Danger / Caution (a) Vehicle Accident
(b) Vehicle Accident Personal Injury
(c) Hit and Run
10-31 Crime in Progress Pick Up Hold Up and Robbery
10-32 Man with Gun ___Units Needed (Specify) Defective Traffic Light
10-33 Emergency Need Immediate Assistance Execute Warrant Alarm is Sounding
10-34 Riot Current Time Narcotics Investigation
10-35 Major Crime Alert Get a Stolen Auto Report Time Check
10-36 Correct Time Correct Time Correct Time
10-37 (Investigate) Suspicious Vehicle Finished With Last Assignment Please Identify Your Unit
10-38 Stopping Suspicious Vehicle (a) Reckless Driving
(b) Drunk Driver
10-39 Urgent-Use Light, Siren Report of a Dead Person Can ___ Come to Radio?
10-40 Silent Run-No Light, Siren Fight in Progress Suspicious Person-Auto Is ___ Available for Phone Call?
10-41 Beginning Tour of Duty Beginning Tour of Duty (a) Lost Child
(b) Investigate Runaway
10-42 Ending Tour of Duty Ending Tour of Duty Car Improperly Parked
10-43 Information In Pursuit Drunk
10-44 Permission to Leave ___for___ Riot Disturbance (type)
10-45 Animal Carcass at ___ Bomb Threat Fight Subject Condition: A to D
10-46 Assist Motorist Bank Alarm Attempt Suicide
10-47 Emergency Road Repair at ___ Complete Assignment Quickly (a) Injured
(b) Sick
(c) Demented Person
(d) Maternity Case
State, Civilian, Fire, or Police
10-48 Traffic Standard Repair at ___ Detaining Suspect, Expedite Person Overboard
10-49 Traffic Light Out at ___ Drag Racing Barking Dog Proceeding to ___
10-50 Accident(F, PI,PD) Vehicle Accident, PD, PI, F Court Cases Drugged
10-51 Wrecker Needed Dispatch Wrecker General Message Drunk
10-52 Ambulance Needed Dispatch Ambulance Open Door/Window(State Which) Ambulance Needed
10-53 Road Blocked at ___ Road Blocked Gas-Repairs-Wash Person Down
10-54 Livestock on Highway Hit and Run Accident, PD, PI, F Man Molesting Children Possible Body
10-55 Intoxicated Driver Intoxicated Driver Bomb Threat Coroner's Case
10-56 Intoxicated Pedestrian Intoxicated Pedestrian Unruly Crowd Suicide
(a) - Attempted
10-57 Hit and Run (F, PI, PD) Request BT Operator Tampering With Automobile
10-58 Direct Traffic Direct Traffic Burglar Alarm
10-59 Convoy or Escort Escort Traffic Violator Security Check
10-60 Squad in Vicinity Suspicious Vehicle (a) Dead Dog
(b) Live Dog
(c) Female or Stray
(d) Dog Bite
10-61 Personnel in Area Stopping Suspicious Vehicle Void IBM Card Bike Theft
10-62 Reply to Message B and E in Progress Radio Test
10-63 Prepare Make Written Copy Prepare to Receive an Assignment Personal Relief Prepare to Copy
10-64 Message for Local Delivery Crime in Progress Eating (State Location)
10-65 Net Message Assignment Armed Robbery Exposure
10-66 Message Cancellation Notify Medical Examiner Send Wrecker to
(a) Owner Request
(b) Police Request Suspicious Person
10-67 Clear for Net Message Report of Death Smoke and Flames Visible Person Calling for Help
10-68 Dispatch Information Livestock in Roadway In Commission on Stand-By
10-69 Message Received Advise Telephone Number Held Up By Bridge or Train
10-70 Fire Alarm Improper Parked Vehicle Danger/Caution Prowler
10-71 Advise Nature of Fire Improper Use of Radio False Alarm Shots Fired
10-72 Report Progress on Fire Prisoner in Custody Person Found in Burning Bldg.
10-73 Smoke Report Mental Subject Existing Conditions How Do You Copy
10-74 Negative Prison/Jail Break Enroute
10-75 In Contact with ___ Wanted or Stolen Dispatch Mechanic
10-76 En Route ___ Prowler Rewind Box (Give Location)
10-77 ETA (Estimated Time Arrival) Direct Traffic at Fire Scene Send VEPCO (State Gas or Electric)
(b) send C and P
10-78 Need Assistance Held Up by (State)
10-79 Notify Coroner Courtesy Call
10-80 Chase in Progress Fire Alarm Critical Call (Code Red) Explosion
10-81 Breatherlizer Report Nature of Fire Alarm of Fire
10-82 Reserve Lodging Fire in Progress Additional Engine Co.
10-83 Work School Crossing at ___ Smoke Visible Additional Ladder Co.
10-84 If Meeting ___ Advise ETA No Smoke Visible Second Alarm
10-85 Delay due to ___ Respond without Blue Lights / Siren Third Alarm
10-86 Officer/Operator on Duty Person Trapped Any Traffic for Me?
10-87 Pickup/Distribute Checks Auto Fire
10-88 Present Telephone # of ___ Request Deputy Chief Provide Cover for Units
10-89 Bomb Threat Request Additional Chief
10-90 Bank Alarm at ___ Transfer Fire Alarm Wire
10-91 Pick Up Prisoner / Subject Check Fire Alarm Box or Master Box Hazard
10-92 Improperly Parked Vehicle Fire Alarm Circuit Open or Trouble on Circuit
10-93 Blockade Fire Alarm
10-94 Drag Racing Request Gas or Diesel Fuel
10-95 Prisoner / Subject in Custody Grass or Trash Fire
10-96 Mental Subject In Quarters
10-97 Check (Test) Signal Signal Weak Arrived at Scene
10-98 Prison / Jail Break Signal Good Completed Assignment
10-99 Wanted / Stolen Indicated Fireman Need Help
10-101 What is Status? (Are you secure?)
10-106 Secure (Status is secure)


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