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F.B.I Handbook

Post by Harry Peng on Thu Mar 31, 2016 9:37 pm

Federal Bureau of Investigation Handbook

Table of Contents

Rank System
Divisions System
Vehicle Use
Allowed Skins

Rank System
[6] Director: The Area Director is the head of the Bureau. He will be doing a lot of paperwork, writing guidelines, talking with other
faction leaders, and give his feedback to the FBI personnel in their cases and/or activities.

[5] Assistant Director: The Area Assistant Director is doing a lot of stuff behind the screen. The job of the Assistant Director is to help the Director with leading the Bureau.
He will be doing almost everything the Director does such as interviews, feedback on cases, and having conversations with the members about how they are doing and such.

[4] Special Agent in Charge: Special Agent in Charge is as the title says, he's in charge of the whole bureau.
He approves casefiles, excutes warrants. All agents should report to him if anything goes wrong, he's your portal to the Director and his Assistants.

[3] Special Agent: Special Agents are agents who have shown enough loyality and good job to be trusted on something bigger.
They will be only three special agents, each of them will be the head agent in charge of either "Criminal Investigative Division", "Counterterrorism Division" or "Critical Incident Response".

[2] Agent: Agents are the core of the bureau. They are well trained and know what they're doing.
Agents will be mainly expected to make cases then report to the Special Agent in Charge in order to execute an arrest warrant.
They will be also the FBI's tactical breaching team. Most of them will be public agents patrolling around to make sure everything's in order.

[1] Intern: Interns are the FBI's newcommers. They've been trained enough as Staff.
They will still be working undercover for making casefiles, etc. Pretty much what Staff do but soon these will be promoted to Agents if enough good job is shown.

[0] Staff: Staff are the very new hired FBI personnel. They will be trained well before making a case.
They will have to make one good case before getting promoted to Interns, just to make sure they've learned the ropes.
They will also be undercover all the time, unless stated otherwise by an Assistant Director or above.

Divisions System
CID (Criminal Investigation Division):
This division handles crimes around San Andreas, SWAT operations, raids, etc.
Agents in this division are also the arresting agents on busts and casefiles.
They may also start casefiles that belong to other divisions and let agents from such divisions handle the rest of the investigation.
Basically this division is an assisting division casefiles-wise.

FAN (Firearms And Narcotics):
The division doesn't need much explanation as its role is simple.
This division's name explains it well. It takes care of weapons and drugs around the state.
Agents in this division make casefiles on dealers, meet up with them and make deals personally if needed.

GD (Gang Division):
This division doesn't need much explanation neither.
This division's name explains it well too. It takes care of gangs and families around the state.
Agents in this division gather information about gangs and their leaders, and if they have to they even join gangs to gather evidence.

Always remember this!
7. Radio Codes
** 10 Codes **
10-1: All units meet at _ _ _ _
10-3: Stop transmitting / Clear the radio
10-4: Roger that, received and understood
10-5: Please repeat
10-6: Disregard
10-7: Busy
10-14: Requesting pickup at _ _ _ _
10-20: Location
10-21: Report your status
10-22: Report to _ _ _ _
10-56: Computer check
10-61: Suspect description
10-70: Assistance required
10-70 ECHO: Emergency assistance required
10-70 TANGO: Tactical Team required immediately
10-71: Ambulance required
10-98: No further assistance required
10-99: Situation concluded

** Status Codes **
Status 1: Off duty
Status 2: On duty
Status 3: Going on break
Status 4: Patrolling
Status 6: Currently on the scene

** Identity Codes **
IC1: White
IC2: Black
IC3: Latino
IC4: Middle Eastern
IC5: Asian
IC6: Unknown ethnicity

Vehicle Use

The cheetah: may only be used by Agents or above unless permission has been given by an Assistant Director or above.
This is a fast vehicle and should only be used in situations where you are working on something or need to get some where fast, if you get caught fucking around with this vehicle you will be punished. Also, you can only use the vehicle if your are on duty.

The rancher: is great for raids or when you are driving around. Any ranks are allowed to use this vehicle but you can only use it if you are on-duty.
If you use this vehicle when you're off duty you will be punished. This vehicle is also great for transports of arrested suspects.

The maverick: is manly used for backup purposes, in events such as a highspeed pursuit, you may only use it when you are on-duty and have the authority from the Special Agent in Charge or above ranking members.


This skin may only be used by Assistant Directors and the Director himself, if anyone else is caught using this skin without permission they will be punished.

When you are on duty you will have to use any of the skins above, if you are caught on duty with another skin you will be punished and dealt with.
We make these rules to make the Bureau as organized as possible.

These are the skins you are only allowed to use for raids, the Agent in Charge of the raid has to use the FBI clothes and the people who are in the raid will have to use the SWAT uniform.

Additional skins available in the lockers are by authorisation only. You may only use these skins when you've been given the authority to do so by high ranking members.
As I mentioned, we want to keep things organized.

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