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IG Name: Tadeo_Arquilla
Play time: 1 hour
Age: 15 years
Do you have teamspeak and a working mic?: Yes
Why should you be admin?: Because of my experience as a Roleplayer, started to play 6 years ago RP Servers. I am a Heavy RP'er, I like to help the new players and make them respect the rules like the rest of the players. I am afraid of the Darkside of the staff team, even if my friends will join this server I will be with them like how I am with the rest of the players. I know every rule possible, I have everytime time for players and how I say 'first player and after RP'. All I want on this server it's just to make players to learn how to RP and learn the rules.
What makes you special?: My character it's very friendly with all of the players, I give all of the players a new chance to learn them that admins aren't bad, they're just trying to make players to respect the rules and why it's so important to make a good RP for the others.
Why should we accept you over other applicants?: Because I have everytime time for players, I respect them even if they doesn't respect me and I try to offer the others a lesson on how to learn the rules and respect them for a better gameplay on the server.
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