FDSA Application format

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FDSA Application format

Post by Harry Peng on Mon Dec 28, 2015 9:43 pm

Time spent playing sa-mp:
-Months, days, years, etc.

Time spent on CC-RP:
-Months, days, years, etc.

Real life age:
-Be honest!

On a scale 1-10, how is your RP performance:
-10 being perfect RP quality whereas 1 is poor quality.

Are you willing to participate in voice communication via Teamspeak?:
Voice communication may involve IC radio communications and/or being able to listen and understand others.

Do you have a working microphone and willing to use it?
Voice communication may involve IC radio communications and/or being able to listen to and understand others.

On a scale of 1-10, what is your ability to speak and understand the English language orally?
-10 being perfect 2nd nature ability whereas 1 is near-unable or complete inability.

Do you possess any knowledge of fire fighting and/or medical related methods and terms?
-It's not a requirement, but it'll more than likely increase your chances of acceptance.


Last Name:
Middle initial:
First name:

Phone number:
Daytime hours in which you may be contacted:

Are you a resident of the united states and/or have permission to work as an alien? If so, please specify:
Legal Resident [ ]
Permitted Alien [ ]
Other, Please specify [ ] _______________________________________________

Last attended, highest school degree achieved.

School/accredited collage graduated from:

Graduating year:

Are you physically able to lift a minimum of 45lbs?
Yes [_] No [_]

Do you have any mental and/or physical health disorders? If so, please specify:
Yes [_] No [_]
If yes, please specify here:__________________________________

Have you shot records of recent and including previous shots received?:
Yes [_] No [_]

Are your vaccinations currently up to date?
Yes [_] No [_]

Training (If any, please specify):

Written resume:
(( This will be a summery of previous/current job's as well as your position within them and a brief description of the work you handled. You may include anything which you feel that may help recruiting officers in their decision of your acceptance. Remember: be as detailed as possible and keep it In-Character! Failure to do so may result in immediate denial. ))

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