Tyga Blue`s application

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Tyga Blue`s application

Post by Tyga_Blue on Thu Dec 24, 2015 4:47 am

IG Name: Tyga_Blue
Play time: 1 Hour
Age: 16
Do you have teamspeak and a working mic? Yes
Why should you be admin? Administrative work represents many tasks and assistance to the server, i am ready to handle these responsibilities. The reason why i am applying here is because i want to help our community as much as i can by administrating it in the greatest way and assuring every player has the best experience possible I have a conditionally modest list of experience. I've moderated a handful of SA-MP Servers. I have excellent forum experience and can post daily.
What makes you special?: I have the ability to have fun with players as i have an outgoing personality. I will help each and every individual in the best way i can without making anyone stand out and become more affected by my help than others  
Why should we accept you over other applicants?: I am active 6-7 Hours a day, in this time i can provide a lot of work to the server. I will do anything that is asked of me and take the patience to watch the server grow and educate others will role play techniques which will make the server more enjoyable for the players
Screenshot of /stats:


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