Ace_Manzoni's FBI Application

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Ace_Manzoni's FBI Application

Post by Ace_Manzoni on Sat Jun 13, 2015 12:24 am

IC Information:Name Ace_Manzoni, Age 18, Born in Los Santos ,Live at Richman in Los Santos, Job none.

Full Name:Ace_Manzoni

Date of Birth: 28 April 1996

Current Employment:none.

Previous Criminal Record: Nothing

Education :BTEC passed and completed IPS officer training

Why  you want to be an FBI Agent?:I want to be an FBI officer because i want to help people. Nowadays crimes like robbery and murder increased in a tremendous amount and LSPD alone cant stop them. i got good shooting skills as my father was a formal ex deputy director of FBI.He thought me how to shoot.((I got good RP)). this is the reason why i want to join FBI  

Why do you think you would be an asset to the FBI: I think i will be an asset to FBI because i am a good shooter. i will try to remove corruption and will try to keep my country corruption free

OOC Information: Name Saatwik , Age 13 , Time Zone GMT+5:30

Character Level:20

Total Hours Played:2

Gang Experience:nope

Time Zone:GMT+5:30

Hours online during Week:3 to 6 hours

Hours online during Weekend:3 to 5 hours

SA:MP RP Experience: 7/10

Do you understand that you can be fired at any moment? Yes

Do you have TS3, with a working microphone? Yes

Will your FBI account be your ONE and ONLY account? Yes

Have you read and fully understood the LSPD Manual, and the Application Process? Yes

Legend RP Officer before: yes FBI deputy director(in other server)

Have you applied before: No

List all previous characters/alts:NONE

Any other comments: NONE


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Re: Ace_Manzoni's FBI Application

Post by Tyler_Gradey on Sun Jun 14, 2015 5:03 pm

Hello! I would just like to tell you that You application has been ACCEPTED! please contact myself or an Admin in game.

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