Micheoln's Mapper Application

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Micheoln's Mapper Application

Post by Micheoln on Thu Apr 23, 2015 2:43 pm

IG Name: Micheoln_West
Play time:
Age: 29
Do you have teamspeak and a working mic?: Yes, I have teamspeak about my mic? It's a very loud Razz
Why should you be mapper?: Just wanted to help the server up yeah, so I'm new to server but i will do my best.
What makes you special?: Helping the server and helping family leaders and faction leaders to their hq's and building some vip lounge also im a little bit known to script cause i want to might know if there's a gate system.
Why should we accept you over other applicants?: For not being arrogant, but I'm too good to be an mapper in here this server is really awesome, found this at advertisement forum (gamersn) I hope you can accept me as mapper.
Screenshot of /stats:


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Re: Micheoln's Mapper Application

Post by Harry Peng on Thu Apr 23, 2015 8:46 pm

Dear Applicant,
You have been Denied
We are no longer hiring mappers
No SS Of [/stats] Was included
Not long or detailed enough

You May Re-Apply for Admin-Helper-Advisor

Harry Peng

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