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Admin Handbook

Post by Harry Peng on Wed Apr 22, 2015 12:49 am

Admin Handbook
Basic Introduction

Your admin position is very important to the server and could mean people joining and leaving and it is very important that you do not abuse and use your commands fairly!
If you ruin others player experience our server could get a really bad reputation, So follow this guide and you will not be demoted!
Rule Breaking Punishments
So let's start with some of the punishments!

RDM/DM x1 = 1 Warning and Verbal Warning
RDM/DM Multiple = Kick More = Ban 2 Days (48 Hours)
MG (MG Is a very serious offense on our server as we our very heavy on RP) 1x = KICK Multiple = Ban 1 Week
Hack Or Exploiting Glitches Heavily = Perma Ban <<<These Are the main ones>>
FailRP = Warn
All Other Minor = Warn
Let out

So, you have read some definitions and now we are going to tell you how to deal with situations, If there was a situation such as DM And there was no witnesses you give a verbal warning to the accused, The only way you can give a punishment to a accused is to have physical evidence that the situation told happened.
So, welcome to the team! You will learn things of other admins and will improve your admin knowledge!.
I'm sure you want to get admin'ing so GO!, But Remember! Follow this handbook and you will do well In the admin team!, That's all!, Goodbye!

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