Grove Street Families

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Grove Street Families

Post by Kevin_Wheatley on Mon Apr 20, 2015 11:12 pm

IG Name:

Kevin Wheatley

Playing Hours:


Name of the gang you want to create:

Grove Street Families

Co-Leaders (optional):

Currently none

Family Story (minimum of 300 words):
Grove Street was formed in 1993 as a way to clean the streets of crack heads and dope dealers who were tearing apart the local families. Grove Streets interests ranged from bringing in cash and weapons for the family to defending the hood against other rival gangs such as the Glen Park Ballas(The Dope pushers). GSF recruits young G's off the streets, and if they aren't up to standard the O.G.'s personally take initiative to teach them about the streets. This causes a huge attraction for the local inhabitants and makes Grove Street one of the largest and most dangerous gangs in Los Santos.
Terms & slang
Green light - Marked for death by your own gang members.
GSF - Grove Street Families
Cuz' - Cousin / referring to family.
Heat/Burner - A fire arm.
GSFK - Grove Street Families killer (An insult to Grove)
GPBK - Glen Park Ballas Killer (An insult to the Ballas)
187 - Murder (Not used very often because its too common and known.)
211 - Robbery
First you need a basic understanding of what Grove is about, if not.. you'll get a crash course.

1. If your afraid to be a criminal, then this occupation is not for you.
2. If your a cop, we will find you.
3. Having a big heart is not an asset. Sometimes you'll be asked to do things that you think are wrong but, disobeying a command from an O.G. is a green light. That means you can't be trusted and your likely to be removed from the picture.
4. Do what you have to do.

First step in joining the gang is confronting an O.G. or higher ranking member. Sometimes this can be intimidating, other times not so much. Stay true, don't beg or pressure them into letting you in. Most times they'll give you a task, helping another gang member. Such as, killing a rival gang member, participating in a drive by, Breaking into a house, or even stealing a car. If you succeed, and the member your with approves you. You will be given a green rag, and told to represent.

Family Cars (10 in total):

- Greewood
- Sultan
- Premier
- Bullet
- Infernus
- Sanchez
- Rancher

Color of the family cars (color id):


Family ranks:

6 Grove Street King
5 - Double OG
4 - OG
2 - Gangsta
1 - Hood Rat

Family skins Id's:
- 105
- 106
- 107

Family HQ (write the location or post here a Screen Shoot of the place):

Grove Street


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Re: Grove Street Families

Post by Harry Peng on Mon Apr 20, 2015 11:18 pm

Dear applicant,
We are happy to tell you that your family application has been accepted and will be made in 0-2 Hours (Depending on how busy we are), Have fun with your new family!

Harry Peng

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