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Post by mrwhatsittoyou8 on Sat Apr 18, 2015 6:04 pm

IG Name: Jake_Crawford
Playing Hours:24

Name of the gang you want to create: Anonymous

Co-Leaders (optional): Bill_Gobes

Family Story (minimum of 300 words): we have robbed the bank of samarlia and escaped to ls, the samarlian government have informed the ls government about this and we are on the run from any government, we have arrived on the LS Nation, the government in samarlia haven't got enough money to buy boats so we have escaped them but not ls, so we stole about 10 cars from the boat and have Allies in LS so we buy there HQ off them, we are masked at all time so we are not seen until reach and remove to mask so police will unmask anyone who is masked. Anonymous wish to one day rule Ls and go and wreck samarlia and everyone in there way. Anonymous will kill any cop, any mayor, any army, any tank that will get in there way, anyone who tell the police on Anonymous will DIE. Anonymous has got a lot of
experience in guns and gun shoot as they were cops in samarlia until there was a scandal and they got blamed by the chief (even though it was the chief) so one day Anonymous will so to samarlia and torture him and his loved ones until they are as soggy as balls that have been punched for a prank. All Anonymous want is to free ls from the mean police and have freedom in ls for once because why doesn't want to try meth,crack,coke,pot e g. Anonymous will never be same but they will fight and fight and fight until they have rites for everyone, Anonymous have allies up is SA,LS, just everywhere so there is nowhere the government is safe... not even in there own homes. Anonymous will always have big dreams.

Family Cars (10 in total):

- Vortex 539
- Vortex 539
- Vortex 539
- Kart 571
- Kart 571
- BF Injection 424
- Slamvan 535
- Slamvan 535
- Bandito 568
- Turismo 451
Color of the family cars (color id): 0

Family ranks:

6 - Crime Boss
5 - Assassin
4 - Remover
2 - Street Sweeper
1 - Amateur

Family skins Id's: 46 For ME (Owner) 66 For Crime Boss 33 for everything else

Family HQ (write the location or post here a Screen Shoot of the place): Jake will post this in the comments


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Re: Anonymous app

Post by VoltMeter on Sat Apr 18, 2015 6:17 pm

Your gang's color ID can't be 0(Black) as it is already taken by Crowbar INC. Change it.


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